Since the spring equinox of 2020, we have been rooted in bringing forth potent edible wellness balanced in ancient nature and modern science. Psykhe Remedies was rooted from the process of rediscovery and rebirth with a unique blueprint of a decade of manufacturing and supplements. A dive between dimensions of beauty and creation while making home in your medicine cabinet. From intrinsic childhood passions for crafting and adulthood mastery of industry skills, ignited not a business but an aligned community. An aligned community of rich resources: fueled of remedies, consciousness, and kinship.

Our health is as sacred as our soul, and our body is as innately powerful as the divine cosmic order in healing of itself. Our soul is the conduit, the conductor, in moving our visions of dream health and bodily potentiality into reality. A soul to fully flourish in its own vessel of incarnation, calls for a vessel of vitality and an electrifying life force. When you consume Psykhe Remedies, my dream is that you are not only dosing your vessel but also your soul. The two dance with each other, intertwined since the beginning of atoms. In this matrix world, we have forgotten how innately powerful we are, and it’s our destiny to come back to our truest self. The true, electrifying life force we were born as. By nature, as the goddess Psykhe herself. The goddess of the soul, the one that translates to “breathe of life”. Always supported by unseen forces, our soul being the invisible entity that occupies our vessel. A human being who realized just how powerful and loved she was, that she was transmuted into a goddess. A muse of bridging the earthly body and the higher self. The soul redeems itself through love, just as it does every single time you show up for yourself. The richest and realest act of all time.

When you integrate Psykhe Remedies apart of your daily ritual, visualize your highest intention with every single cell in your being as true. Transformation naturally occurs in the space of quality of attention we bring. Infused with love and intention, truly embodies for a highly charged remedy. Making for the most robust vitamins to nurture and sustain your soul and vessel. Our formulas are not only created out of plants, herbs, fruits, roots, and modern science but also drenched with power, beauty, and healing... making for the ultimate soul essence. 

Enter the Psykhe portal at your own midas magic.