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The Ultimate Mind Hack for Eternal Inner Peace

“We should learn to contain our negativity. God gave you the negative mind just to see through where you can be damaged. God didn’t give you the negative mind to become negative.”
~ Yogi Bhajan 

I thought I’d share this teaching I’ve learned in Kundalini. It has tremendously helped with my anxiety and depression which I get from time to time.

Our mind is a very powerful system. With each moment that passes, we have an infinite amount of thoughts. But what are those thoughts... are they mostly positive? Mostly negative? Our thoughts can either be working with us or against us. When our thoughts are working with us and not such much in polarity, that is when we can truly flow in our highest state.
In Kundalini, there is the 10 body system. In that, are the 3 minds: negative, positive, and neutral.

The second body, the negative mind, serves us protection. It’s the first to respond inside our brain. It identifies problems, warns us of dangers, and tells us what can harm us. Instead of labeling these as bad thoughts, we should embrace this valuable source of information and transform it. Befriend the fear and the doubt. Embrace these thoughts as protection and awareness.

The third body, the positive mind, is all about expansion. It welcomes new opportunities, positive outcomes, rewards, optimism, goals, hopes, potential and courage.

The fourth body, the neutral mind, is a meditative state. Intertwining the negative mind for protection and the positive mind for expansion we can come into this neutral space. This is where we find security, guidance, peace, and intuition. It’s where our highest self and our earthly self meet. It’s a place of now. A place where every outcome is a win-win. Where feelings and emotions come from a non judgmental, non obsessive, and non reactive mode.

To access neutrality, we can meditate, practice breath work, be in nature, service others, cuddle your pets. Whatever cultivates stillness, peace, and stability for you. When I find myself in the positive or negative mind, most of the time negative, I immediately connect back to my breath. Long, deep breaths are when I feel fully in control of my energy. It immediately allows me to change the outcome of a situation from that place of neutrality. Breathing is always within us.

It takes practice and consistently being in the presence of your own thoughts. When we get stuck in the polarities our mind, that is when our mind is not working for us. Next time you find yourself hitting a challenge or a block, bring yourself to the neutral mind. Neutralize and watch yourself harmonize to your highest most divine self.
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