The Full Moon in Aries by Quantic Yin

The Full Moon in Aries by Quantic Yin

The FULL MOON 🌕  is happening in Aries 🐏  and brings us the opportunity to burn away anything blocking our path forward. This is a time to align with our inner power and feel our courage to overcome any obstacle. We can also call it an eye-opener 🧿  that will pick on our energy 🌀 and amplify it x10.

How can we use 🌕  majestic powers in our day to day life?

a full moon MEDITATION
* find a comfortable position (by the window, facing the moon)
* breathe in (3 seconds), hold it (3 seconds), breathe out (6 seconds)
* focus on your intention
* imagine how the moonlight is creating a shiny white bubble around you
* stay in this bubble as long as you need to recharge and then slowly fill the room that you're in
* then open your eyes

a full moon manifestation RITUAL
* light some candles
* a pen and paper
* on page 1: write a list of all the struggles that you're experiencing at the moment, in the1st person. Ex: "I struggle in my career"
* on page 2: write the same list in a positive key. Ex:"I'm having an amazing career"
* the list can be as long as you need it to be
* read the affirmations from page 2 anytime

a full moon BATH
* light candles
* set an intention
* @thesaltyvogue 'Supernatural' Capsules
* aromatherapy oil drops in the water
* bath-salts for the deep energy cleansing effect
* a relaxing playlist
* enjoy the magic

gratitude JOURNALING
* make yourself a mint and rose petals tea first
* journal and pen
* write down everything that you are grateful for (even for the smallest details)
* keeping a gratitude journal can make a huge difference in your day to day perception. It can become that OH SO needed reminder that we all have things to be grateful for.

Love to you all. May this 🌕  bring you serenity and balance. 💛

📝 @quanticyin

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