Tammy Franklin, the Founder of Transcending Belief, Spills All Things Spirit

Tammy Franklin, the Founder of Transcending Belief, Spills All Things Spirit

My respect and gratitude runs so deep for this very special woman, Tammy Franklin that words cannot even describe. While navigating through darkness and grief, I searched far and wide for the right medium..the right fit. As soon as I heard Tammy's voice, on the Pardon My French podcast, I instantly knew she was the one for me. She has quite literally changed my life and has been such a cosmic part in my healing. She is a true force of compassion, grace, guidance, power, and magic! Today, Tammy is spilling all things spiritual. I am so honored to be able to share all her wisdom and gifts with you. 

+ introduce yourself

Hello! My name is Tammy Franklin. I am a psychic medium, energy healer, and spiritual teacher. I love what I do! Helping people heal through my spiritual work is extremely rewarding and feeds my soul. 

I wear several hats as a psychic medium:

1.  I do mediumship readings to deliver messages from passed loved ones to clients.

2.  I offer spiritual guidance to clients. Many sessions are spent helping clients understand the “why’s” of their life experiences for their individual soul growth. Earth is a school of learning and growing. Navigating the duality of 3D is complex, and we are not meant to do it alone and by ourselves. We need each other to grow and learn. The “why’s” are usually about karmic agreements, black magic, trauma imprinting, programming, and unhealed emotional energies, such as, unforgiveness - to name a few examples. 

3. As an energy healer, I clear all occult energies and black magic, vows, curses, family lineage agreements and programming, past life energies, karma, trauma, any and all negative emotional energies, entity attachments, psychic cords, devices and implants, auric healings, negative programming, timelines, unwanted influencing energies, and I clear Akashic records. I heal your chakras and your energy bodies including your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Energy healing raises your vibration, and I also give activations as guided.

+ how did transcending belief begin?

It began with my “awakening” in my late 20s. I grew up in a Christian home and did not know anything about the spiritual world. Once I learned about spiritual and esoteric teachings, it was a very natural calling for me. I read books, took many classes, and began meditating. I knew without a doubt that this was my path and purpose. I started my spiritual business in 2009.

+ how did you become a physic medium?

Becoming a physic medium was the missing puzzle piece in my life. Growing up, I never knew what I wanted to do as an adult, career wise. Spirituality was not popular during my childhood and was just barely becoming mainstream in my young adult years. When I learned about psychic mediums in my late 20s, I was intrigued and extremely drawn to wanting to learn how to communicate with spirit, specifically angels. I am very connected to the angelic realm.

The first time I meditated, my third eye opened up. My spiritual sight became active very quickly. I was energetically attacked very early on in my journey. So that began my path of learning how to clear energy, specifically negative energy. 

I trained in the teachings of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, which was a 2-year program. I learned about spiritual and energetic anatomy, how to clear energy and properly dispose of the cleared energy. I also learned how to read energy and set up energetic protection.

I did most of my training and preparation while we started our family. My career began while I was raising 4 children. I did readings very part time and grew my business over time through word of mouth. I had a website but didn’t prioritize growing my business over raising my kids, until recent years, now that my children are older. Spirit has continually pushed me to grow over the years through opportunities to teach classes and be a guest speaker on podcasts, in addition to doing readings for people. I have grown my spiritual business over time, and Spirit never gave me more than I could handle!

+ what do you experience when you read people?

I am clairvoyant (clear seeing,) clairsentient (clear feeling,) and clairaudient (clear hearing.) I connect with my spirit guides and the client’s spirit guides, angels, and higher self. During a reading, spirit shows me the energy through impressions via my intuition. It usually starts with a visual image and then a feeling. Then spirit will tell me specific words (usually a couple words or a small phrase) to provide further detail around the information being communicated. Each reading is a unique experience. 

+ did you know about your gifts when you were a kid?

Not consciously. I have always had a very strong connection with God and the spirit world. As a child I had many psychic experiences, but back then, I didn’t know that was what they were. I definitely felt the energy of places and people and the stars, and sometimes I knew things would happen before they did. I have always loved the stars and believed in extraterrestrials. My spirit guides are not from this planet, so when I learned that, it explained a lot! 

+ how does one develop these gifts? or are you born with it?

We are all spiritual beings, so yes, you are born with intuition. 

There are many ways to develop intuition. Intuitive insights are received when you are in a frequency of receiving and allowing. In order to develop your intuition, you develop your theta brainwaves “muscle.” 

We spend most of our mental energy in a state of beta brainwaves. This is a mental energy of thinking, solving problems, and speaking, etc. - all energies of doing. The beta brainwave state is highly active mental energy, which blocks intuition. Our daily lives keep us in the beta brainwave state because we are busy doing through driving, reading, thinking (school,) typing via texting or computers, and speaking to others. Our societal lifestyle conditions us to be in a perpetual state of beta brainwaves.

The key to developing one’s intuition is to develop your theta brainwave state. It is like developing a muscle. Theta waves are active when you are in your imagination, day dreaming, or being creative. Being on “auto pilot” is also a theta state. Theta waves happen when you are doing “mindless” activities like cleaning, showering, or gardening, etc. Being in the present moment is another theta state. A quiet mind is able to connect with the spiritual realms. A busy mind blocks intuition because you are not in a vibrational alignment to receive guidance. 

Developing your intuition is directly related to developing your theta brainwave state “muscle." The most common method to activate your theta brainwaves is meditation because it quiets the mind, slows down your thoughts, you become very present, and your brain shifts from beta waves to theta waves through relaxation. Other examples are yoga, spending time in nature like going to the beach, hiking, or going for a walk. Another way to develop theta brainwaves is listening to binaural beats music. Music is frequency by its nature and shifts your vibration. Theta waves vibrate at a range of 4-8 Hertz. 

Some people are naturally more intuitive than others. A couple factors go into this such as your soul's age, your soul's talents, and your soul’s purpose. Older souls are going to be more intuitive because they have more truth and wisdom than younger souls, and they are more connected to their higher selves because they have more experience and wisdom. 

Everyone can develop their intuition. It just takes practice. We are not meant to go through life disconnected from Spirit. Every single person has a spiritual team to assist them with their human experience. The desire to connect with your intuition and the Spirit realms is part of your spiritual journey and growth.

+ how do we release trauma or emotion thats stuck deep inside our bodies within our tissues and dna?

First you have to become aware of the trauma and emotion. Everything starts with awareness! There are many ways to release stuck energy. For each individual the process of release is unique due to how their soul created and received the stuck energy.

A good starting point for releasing an emotion/trauma is with intention to release it, self acceptance, self forgiveness, and forgiveness of others. You can ask your spirit guides or angels to help you release the energy. This is one of their main jobs!

I would recommend an energy healer (like me) to help release the emotion and trauma, especially if it is deep. Energy healers perform psychic surgery to clear stuck energy. There is great benefit to having a professional energy clearing and healing because it clears what is not of your soul’s blueprint, clears karmic agreements, clears past life energies, clears your Akashic record, raises your vibration, and removes the energy from your consciousness. Most often energy releases happen in layers or increments, according to what your soul is ready to release for your highest good. If you are ready for a full release of 100%, then that happens, too.

+ what is it like being able to connect with passed loved ones?

My experience with passed loved ones is different with each soul. Some souls are very loud and easy to communicate with. Other souls are harder to hear and read. It comes down to that soul’s experience in communicating with mediums and the medium’s vibration. 

For me, it is like a game of charades. I see the soul and their physical features. Then I see images, and I feel impressions from them, like their personality. Sometimes souls talk super fast, and I have to ask them to slow down.

It is a beautiful gift to be able to communicate loving and healing messages to the client. It is one of the best aspects of my work as a medium!

+ what’s the difference between spirit guides and ancestors?

Most often spirit guides are souls that are from your soul family which is your soul’s origin. These are your main spirit guides. If we need more help, we receive additional spirit guides for different purposes - in this case, that could be an older ancestor or someone you knew in a past life, but not someone you have known in your current lifetime. 

Some spirit guides (not your main guides) are temporary. Spirit guides can come and go as needed, but your main spirit guides are always with you for that lifetime. There are also different types of spirit guides a soul will have for their incarnation, depending where you are upon your spiritual journey and soul’s age.

Ancestors are souls that are in your soul groups. Souls within soul groups have agreements to help each other grow spiritually and karmically. We learn lessons from people within our soul groups. We do not typically incarnate with souls from our soul family because we have so much unconditional love for one another, it doesn’t work for learning lessons. 

Ancestors do help us. In the spiritual profession, it is a very loose interpretation as to whether they take on roles as angels or spirit guides to us. It really depends on your interpretation of each of those roles. 

My personal and professional opinion is ancestors (departed loved ones from our current incarnation) serve more in the guardian angel role. They have unconditional love for us and serve us from that POV. 

+ what are the most common signs we receive from either passed loved ones or sprit guides?

The most common signs are coins, feathers, birds, butterflies, ladybugs, and rainbows, etc. The spirit world loves to use nature to get our attention. For example, you could find a heart-shaped seashell, rock, or leaf. 

Spirit also likes to use numbers to get our attention. Usually there are number sequences such as triple digit number sequences of 111, 222, 333, 444, or 555. The most common way is seeing numbers on the home screen of your phone or the time catches your attention when you look at the clock (digital clocks.) Numbers are also seen on receipts and license plates.

Other examples could be you meet someone who has the name of your passed Grandma, and that person reminded you of your passed Grandma when you met. This is your Grandma saying “hello" and letting you know she is around you. Anything that catches your attention, such as, a phrase in a song or an acquaintance tells you something you were just thinking about. This is a very common way our spirit guides get messages to us.

Sometimes passed loved ones cause lights to flicker or items are misplaced or moved around your home. This is less common, but it does happen.

+ what is the best way to call on our passed loved ones, angels, spirit guides, ancestors?

There is no wrong way! They all hear your thoughts instantly. We are multidimensional beings, and our thoughts are extremely powerful. The second you have a thought about your angels, spirit guides, passed loved ones, or ancestors they know it. 

Talk to them as if you were having a conversation with them in person. Invite them to bring you messages and clarity. Invite them into your dreams. Talk to them before you fall asleep. They love connecting with you! You might surprise yourself and feel their presence, comfort, and energy

+ how can we have a healthy relationship between our ego and our soul?

The ego is your teacher. It shows you your soul’s emotional triggers and unhealed emotions. The first step is to use your awareness (a soul energy) to notice your ego working within your thoughts and emotions. Once you understand that your ego is always related to your fears and negative thought forms, you can shift the energy of your ego by not letting fear guide your actions and thoughts.

The ego does not fully go away. A healthy relationship between your ego and soul happens through becoming an observer to yourself through self reflection and awareness. The more you operate from your heart chakra and higher self, your ego will not be the driving force within your consciousness. The key is to become aware of your ego so you can make a conscious choice of not letting fear and negativity be your driving force within your thoughts and choose to use your sovereign power of conscious creation with a positive mindset.  

 + are people commonly cursed by dark magic from evil, ancestral, secret societies, etc. ?

The short answer is yes to all of it. It is very common. One of our main purposes of soul growth is to heal ancestral and generational curses. It is the soul’s desire to end family lineage curses. However, you do that by coming into the human experience not remembering that is a goal for your soul’s journey. Dark magic blocks your spiritual authority, free will, and sovereign power. Dark magic is done to you through manipulation, deception, and imprinting of trauma.

If you do not “believe” in magic, it still affects you, but your disbelief keeps you in denial of truth and further blocks you and prevents this knowledge from coming into your consciousness. There is a saying…”The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” 

Dark magic in MSM is exemplified as fictional through fairytales and fictional horror films to condition us to believe curses and magic are not real. We are beings of love, and we inherently do not want to believe in bad and horrifying things. Our innocence and inherent goodness makes us easily manipulated. This is exactly how we spiritually grow in this reality. We grow through challenges and suffering. 

Darkness is a catalyst for growth which propels us into learning to transmute fear into love through healing and forgiveness. Our purpose is to transmute all darkness into love. That is our “superpower.”

* Clearing dark magic is best done with the help of a psychic medium that is experienced with clearing dark magic. In order to clear dark magic, you have to have zero fear, be very high vibrating, and have high spiritual authority. Not all psychic mediums are qualified to clear dark magic.

** Clearing dark magic is a large part of my path as a psychic medium. However, it was not a goal of mine when I started this journey. Spirit “trained” me and prepared me for this path. I think if I had known clearing dark magic was part of my purpose at the beginning of my journey, I may have avoided it, and Spirit knew that ;) Knowing what I know now about dark magic, I am extremely grateful and honored to be of service to others in this way.

+ how can we discover and harness our souls imprint?

Your astrology chart or birth chart/natal chart is a great starting point. Astrologically this will provide you an understanding of how the planets, sun, and moon influence you. It also provides a snapshot of your personality, what motivates you, and your strengths and weaknesses. 

Your numerology chart provides even more insight to your soul’s imprint. A numerology chart is based off of your date of birth and birth name. You choose your name before birth. Your soul communicates what you want your name to be to your parents. (Occasionally, the parents don’t receive the message correctly, and this is why people change their names.)

A numerology chart provides insights into who you are as a person and soul: Your life’s path, your heart’s desires, your passions, your talents and strengths, cycles in your life, challenges you will have, how numbers influence your life, and more. I personally love numerology and refer to my chart often! 

A reading with a psychic medium can provide insight into your soul’s blueprint providing insights about your soul family, soul's origin (many soul’s on earth are incarnated Starseed souls,) soul type (leader, teacher, artist, scholar, warrior, priest, or server,) and soul age. Make sure the psychic medium specializes in this area of information. I offer this type of reading.

+ how can we tell the difference between intuition and common sense? 

People with common sense are older souls. They have many lifetimes of experience behind them, and common sense is a conglomeration of "been there and done that” wisdom that their soul brings forward into their current life. Common sense is an innate knowingness from previous experience.

Intuition is information that comes into your consciousness as a very subtle signal or fleeting thought or feeling. Occasionally intuition is a perceived absolute knowingness, but most the time it is very subtle. Intuition comes to you without previous knowledge or knowingness. Intuition is information that comes from the spirit realms of higher dimensions and not your life’s experiences.

+ we are programmed from birth... how can we un program our self?

Yes, you are born with programming to heal until you ascend out of the Earth’s reincarnation cycle and 3D matrix system. All of your negative programming is an illusion which keeps you stuck in the 3D matrix because you have fear to heal within your consciousness. Deprogramming yourself happens as you heal your soul’s emotional wounds and traumas. 

Examples of programming to heal are:










Past Life


You can use your free will and personal power to deprogram yourself once you become aware of your programming. Then ask your higher self, your angels, and spirit guides to take you to the source of the issue. This is where the separation within your ego and consciousness was created. Acknowledge and surrender the energy/issue to release it. Complete the release by asking Archangel Michael to destroy and uncreate the source of the separation where the energy was created.

The main purpose of the spiritual growth journey is to transmute fear into love. You raise your consciousness by cleansing lower vibrational feelings of fear. Fear is the basis of programming for the purpose of controlling your consciousness and to keep you enslaved to false beliefs and stuck in illusion. Everyone is on a journey of releasing their fear-based programming so they can align with their inner truth. When you are aligned with your truth, you recognize fear and illusion immediately, and it has no power over you! 

As you align with your personal power as a spiritual being, it gets easier and easier to clear your own programming. But everyone needs help once in a while, so it is important to have a professional energy healer assist you with clearing your programming. This is part of the journey to “oneness” and unity consciousness as beings of unconditional love.

+ can you tell us about past lives energy?

Past lives are critical to your spiritual growth journey, and doing past life readings as become a favorite part of my work as a psychic medium. There is a reason mainstream belief systems do not believe in past lives - it is to keep us from growing and keep us out of our spiritual authority. In today’s society, there is way too much evidence with very young children remembering their past lives and knowing things they couldn’t possibly know, such as their name in their previous life, how they died, and where they died. There are books written on this subject.

There are many dynamics at play within past life energies. Positive past life experiences become your strengths and talents. Negative past life experiences become your soul lessons, emotional wounds, and shadow work.

You can have a sense of familiarity with a person you meet for the “first” time, and feel a sense of having met them before, even though you consciously know you have never met them before (in your current life.) If you feel this type of connection and knowingness, it is a sign that you likely had a previous life with that person. Sometimes this manifests as "recognizing" a person or “I know I know you from somewhere…"

We will play out relationship dynamics with the same souls lifetime after lifetime until the lesson is completed and healed. We have soul groups that we share many, many lifetimes with the same souls for the purpose of spiritual growth. These experiences create karmic agreements and patterns within our relationships and life experiences.

Past live energy influences your consciousness until it is healed and cleared. When I do a past life reading for a client, it is a big “ah-ha” moment for them. It explains a lot of experiences for the client, and it makes "sense" to them. Many times, the client will add to how the past life has affected their life in ways that I did not bring forward in the reading. I love it when that happens, because they are seeing the whole picture for themselves, which is self empowering for the client.

+ does our conscious live in our soul or our brain? 

We are multidimensional beings. Our consciousness is our higher self. An aspect of our consciousness is within the physical (our human body) - this is the part of our consciousness that we are healing and growing. It is my professional opinion that we are connected to Source/the quantum field, our higher self, and our physical body. You could say our consciousness is a triune energy. The brain holds the lower self and ego and aspects of your consciousness that are unhealed. The soul is your higher self consciousness which is accessed through your heart center. You access Source energy (the quantum field) through your consciousness via intention and thoughts. We function at our best and highest version of ourself when we are balanced between our brain/mental energy and our heart/soul’s consciousness.

+ what are some tips and tricks on embracing our femininity? 

Society conditions us to be in our masculine energy through doing and giving our energy to others. This is especially challenging for women because generally speaking, women try to do it all, which disconnects us from our divine feminine energy.  

Tips for embracing your feminine energy:

- Consciously choose where your energy goes. Align your energy with the flow of life through allowing and being.

- Consciously choose to connect with your heart center. The heart is where the feminine energies of compassion, empathy, understanding, and forgiveness reside.

- Honor your emotions. Feminine energy is a feeling energy.

- Feeling safe with yourself, your relationships, and your environment is a feminine energy. 

- Creativity connects you with your intuition and is an expression of feminine energy. 

- Self care is an act of self love, well being, and aligns you with the feminine energy of receiving.

- Dancing connects you with your sensual feminine energy and expression which is also a creative and playful energy.

+ for my peeps who are adopted, can we still heal our generational trauma or ancestral trauma if we do not know our birth family history/ancestral history? -

Yes, you absolutely can heal generational and ancestral trauma without knowing your birth family’s history. Every soul has experienced being in separation from their earth’s birth family in some manner. This does not prevent you from growing and healing in any way.

We choose our earth family based on soul groups and matching pictures within those soul groups. Matching pictures are matching energies that another soul has that matches what you are working on to heal. If you are adopted, your soul planned it to be so, and there are lessons to be learned and healed within that experience. As a person who is adopted, you will have matching energies to heal with not only your birth parents but also with your adopted parents, too. Earth is a school of learning for souls, and lessons come in a multitude of ways!

You can find and book with TAMMY here:

@transcendingbelief | www.tammyfranklin.net

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