Pelvic Floor: Deeper Than Kegels

Pelvic Floor: Deeper Than Kegels

Let’s talk pelvic floor. I’m sure you’ve heard about all the rage on kegels before. But it’s so much deeper than that.

A womb is a divine portal that needs just as much care and attention, as the rest of our body. It’s a source of creation. The root chakra is connected to the pelvic floor. The stronger our root, the stronger our life foundation will be. Bringing total vitality and a more grounded center. However, many of us have lost that connection to our portal from societal programming, trauma, or even lack of knowledge. Reconnecting and tending to our pelvic floor honors our womb.

A dysfunctional pelvic floor can cause loss of muscle tone, low energetic vitality, pelvic pain, urinary incontinence and infections, pain with sex, lack of sensation, painful periods, digestive issues, pregnancy discomfort, and more.

I did not realize myself about important this was until I started working with my physical therapist after my back injury. The pelvic floor supports our organs, stabilizes our spine and and pelvis, increases core strength, and assists sexual function and bladder control. Strengthening this muscle will do wonders for you physically and energetically!

There are a few treatments to help. Some choose to work with a pelvic floor therapist, who would complete an assessment and then balance the pelvis by smoothing the fascia, releasing internal trigger points, and softening any identified scar tissue. For more of an at home treatment, I like to utilize breathwork, visualization tools, EFT, pelvic floor targeted exercises, incorporate calcium and magnesium rich foods and especially fiber into your diet, light resistance training and walking, self massage, and castor oil packs. One of my most favourite resources for pelvic health is @lorox. She is a wealth of knowledge and has the best body work studio.

We are multidimensional beings, beyond the physical. Like all parts, our body’s store emotion. So also addressing the emotional component to the pelvic floor is important as well which connects to our home, safety, and personal power and boundaries.

Also to note, chronically contracting your pelvic floor cuts off circulation of blood, nutrients, and oxygen. That suppresses our emotional energy as well.

The pelvic floor is way deeper than just kegels! It’s all about nourishing, toning, and relaxing.

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