Not So Tongue Tied Up

Not So Tongue Tied Up

Recently, I experienced a tongue tie and lip tie release otherwise known as a frenectomy procedure with my dentist. A tongue tie and lip tie is that line of tissue AKA the frenulum that attaches your tongue to the bottom of your mouth and attaches your lip to your gums. This procedure has a mouthful of benefits! It was something on my radar for many years after researching modalities for better breathing and tmj relief. I always suspected I had one, however it was left unrecognized by my pediatrician. In most cases, this a procedure for babies and children. Especially, if the baby needs help with latching. As soon as the procedure was over, I felt immediate and immense relief! It felt like my airways expanded and I was just drinking in oxygen like never before. Even, all my jaw and shoulder tension started to melt away. Which I am not surprised at all.. because if there is one lesson in the holistic portal, we know everything is connected! As above, so below. The tongue plays such an underrated vital role from the function of our organs to our toes. The deep front meridian line is real. 

Limited range of the tongue and lip, can have many adverse effects such as difficulty breathing, speech impediments, tooth decay, receding gums, digestive issues, nervous system dysfunction, facial underdevelopment, poor posture, mouth breathing, sleep apnea, and TMJ/upper body pain.

The procedure itself was minimally invasive, pretty much painless, and over before you know it. I chose to work with my dentist on this since I trust him with all my oral care. Choosing a qualified specialist is so important for this delicate procedure. My dentist performed the lip and tongue tie release with a laser frenectomy, which is a more advanced and modern method rather than a scissor frenectomy. This allows for a greater accuracy and control of the procedure. The laser cauterizes the tissue to release the binding fibers. Since it is performed via laser there is little to no bleeding and the doctor can then see exactly which fibers need to be released to make a full correction. The other upside to laser frenectomy is improved wound healing. Vaporizing the unwanted tissue instead of cutting it, leaves the area less prone to reattachment while sterilizing the tissue reduces the chances of infection.

As you do, have to modify your diet for a few days while you’re healing, I took this opportunity to do a 3 day cleanse since I was mostly eating nutrient rich soups and smoothies. Multitasking as its finest. To enhance my healing time, I made sure to do some light walking for exercise, drink plenty of fluids spiked with minerals for hydration, take my D3+K2 tincture and Arnica pellets for wound healing, dabbed some chilled coconut oil to the wound for antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment, taped my mouth at night to help adjust my tongue posture, doused in red light therapy for added wound healing, light tongue and lip stretching per my doctors instructions, and performed lymphatic massages as well.

I am so pleased with my end results on this rather alternative holistic modality! The somatic, myofunctional, craniosacral, and cellular benefits of this procedure are well worth it in my opinion. Happy mouth, happy body!

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