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Madison's Muses: Meet Neelou Malekpour, the Founder of SMUDGED

Long ago, I was shopping at one of my favorite holistic shops at Sacred Space Miami. I spotted the most beautiful sage stick I had ever seen. My spirit was instantly magnetized to it and you could feel the divine energy radiating from it. I owe my love for smudging all to the founder of the beautiful sage stick, Neelou. She is a true force of light. You can find her sharing all things from sacred smoke to rituals to travels. I'm so excited to share this Miami goddess and her creations with you! 

 photo by @omarcruzphoto

+ what made you get into health and wellness?

I graduated from law school and worked in the corporate world in NYC for some time. It wasn't in alignment with me, at all. I felt very stressed, suffered from anxiety, and had many physical ailments. The only remedies that helped were rooted in spirituality. I eventually started SMUDGED because I wanted to share what I'd learned from my ancestry and my teachers with anyone who needed some relief from the constant chaos of this world. It quickly took on a life of its own and became my full-time life.

+ tell us about smudging and the benefits

I love burning sacred herbs to change the vibration of my surroundings. The same way we clean our home for dust etc., sacred smoke cleans the energetic buildup that accumulates. Generally, sacred smoke cleansing is the act of using smoke from sacred herbs and flowers to cleanse and purify a person or a space. This ancient ritual is practiced by a myriad of cultures and dates back thousands of years. The Iranians, my people, mainly use wild rue and angelica so those are my favorites - but you can use herbs from your garden, white sage, palo santo, rose, lavender, dandelions, cedar...the list of plant allies goes on. Whatever one may need in life, there's a plant you can burn to call in support.

+ tell us about tarot cards and the benefits

I love reading tarot for my clients because they help people connect to their intuition and gain insight from their higher selves. They can help illuminate people's blockages and how to move through them with ease and grace. I use tarot as a tool for healing not as a here is your future, have a nice day kind of thing - my readings serve as a container of support to a life of flow and alignment.

+ your fav flowers and herbs?

I love working with roses. They are beautiful, smell amazing and have a vibrational frequency of 320MHz - which, if I'm not mistaken, is the highest vibrational frequency of any plant/flower. I burn them, use them in my facial products and infuse my water with them too.

+ tips to raise your vibration?

There are so many! In fact, I have a book called The Art of Sacred Smoke that will be released in early 2022 and the whole book is about this. Here are my top four:
1. create a morning practice that is all about being mindful and infusing your life with gratitude and positivity before turning on your electronics.  
2. keep yourself and your space protected with sacred smoke
3. ritual - I love a good ritual - find something that works for you at least once a month and practice it - like planting seeds of intention with the New Moon, releasing that which no longer serves you with the Full Moon, daily acts of intention and mindfulness, etc.
4. connecting with nature as much as possible - even just walking barefoot in the grass or sand is really grounding

 + do you have a fav mantra?

Yes, I love the Lakshmi Mantra. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity. Working with her energy connects us to the receptive state and brings in so many blessings. We are actually starting the last group mantra process of 2021 with the New Moon this week!

+ your fav skin tips and tricks?

Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Drink more water than you feel like. Use products that are chemical-free. Find yourself an amazing esthetician who uses natural products.  

+ how do you protect your energy?

I burn a lot of sacred smoke. I disconnect from everything/everyone in the evening with intention and turn off my cell and then I don't turn it back on until I've done my morning practice. I love using the merkaba - it's a sacred geometric symbol of protection. And I'm careful who I spend time with. Energy is real!

+ your go to stress or anxiety reliever?

Baths. Mini daily dance parties. Breathwork is my favorite practice right now and I hold two group sessions a month for people on zoom as well as doing in-person breathwork in LA and Miami.  

+ how do we call and connect to our spirit guides and guardian angels?

You just do. I speak with mine daily and invite them into my life. My grandmother especially - I ask her for support for everything from lost keys, to keeping my pup safe, to making aligned business decisions, to helping me when I'm feeling out of sorts, and everything in between The more you invite your ancestors, allies and angels (of 100% light - I always mention this when opening sacred space) in to your world, the more they show up to help and protect - kind of like a spiritual entourage. Haha.

+ what are your go to's for nervous system love?

Same answer as number 10 to be honest. I also employ parasympathetic breathing before bed each night to activate peace and calm for restful sleep.

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