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I Want A Non-Tox Pout!

Currently just being holiday hungover on the couch right now and 2019 is coming in hot. 

To catch a lil breather between all the family dinners and squad outings, I think a date night is for sure in order. 

Date nights are my shiz. Good grub AND I get to play dress up?? OK, yup I'll take it!

Plus, Nick & I have always bonded over eating. We both just LOVE to eat. It's like our hobby together. 

So one to two times a week we'll grab a date night at one of our favorite restaurants along the Beach. We'll order a couple of drinks and stuff our faces with appetizers. Retirement vibes? Maybe. But it's the best. 

Anyways, I thought I'd share my date night style deets. 

I like to play with opposites. Mix a lil feminine with masculine. Gives it that kinda cool gal vibe. This week I went with a LBD with denim jacket and fresh kicks. 

Since I'm lazy I like to keep the hair natural aka messy. Same with makeup. EASY is my style. Basically the dewy skin, those Gigi brows, that Florida sun sparkle, and that moisturized to the max mauve pout. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll swap the mauve for some spicy red.

Done & ready to rock & roll. 

I feel like lips are an important part to the date night get up. Takes a minute to put on and makes ya look 1000x more put together than you really are haha!

So a few months ago, Nick & I had date night at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. 

Lemme tell ya, I was so excited it was the perfect excuse to try out my new lipstick that my fav pr lady sent over. 

First off, they had me at CLEAN NATURAL brand.

Second off, I tried it & now I'm officially Kosas Konverted. (SIDE NOTE: issa Goop approved brand!) 

Made purely with organic oils, botanical extracts, and some of that Cali love!

Their lipsticks add a nice natural flush of color to the face. And looks super amazing with a lil highlighter and blush. Most definitely all skin tone friendly. Plus, it helps protect from UV, heals and hydrates, and boosts collagen to plump the lips. 


Major date night game changer!

Before I add my Kosas pout, I do this one weird ass miracle trick that I've been doing since high school.  

OK so before I apply lipstick, I brush my lips with a toothbrush for a min or two to exfoliate and plump the Kylie Jenner outta them!!

Injection free & v. smoochable. 

Try it out for yourself next time your brushing your teeth. You're going to thank me & totally add this trick to your ride or dies!


Stalk them:

Instagram: @KosasCosmetics

Website: www.KosasCosmetics.com

Xx, MM

This post is in collaboration with Kosas. All texts and opinions are mine. (thank u Aimee @ Kerri Lee Ross PR!)

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