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Brow Magic With The OC Esthetician

I was first introduced to Geneva, the founder of The OC Esthetician, by my angel friend, Shannon Barker. I fell in love with all of Geneva's beauty intelligence and holistic philosophy. With the cherry on top, her chic af aesthetic. From clients like @thesaltyblonde and to features in @coveteur and @byrdie, she is THE brow and lash connoisseur of California. She's truly a magical artist and casts your face into a masterpiece. Big au naturale supermodel vibes. After hearing about brow lamination and lash lifts for years, I wanted to know all the things so I went straight to the guru herself. Let's meet Geneva and her craft!

+ introduce yourself:

My name is Geneva Stockdale but you can call me The OC Esthetician. I’ve been in the luxury beauty & skincare industry for over ten years and have been an esthetician for 5! I have a passion for making humans feel beautiful with a concentration in nontoxic beauty.


+ how did OC Esthetician begin?

During covid esthetician’s weren’t able to work, I got approached by a local salon owner who wanted me to rent a space from her. I couldn’t say no to the opportunity and took a jump of faith. I loved what I was doing! I wanted to utilize my business degree and create a space that was really true to me, I decided to start my own studio. In December 2020 The OC Esthetician began.



+ what’s brow lamination? What’s a last lift?

Brow lamination and lash lifts use the same technique at releasing the bonds in the hair and neutralizing them where we want them to stay! For brows it’s in an upward direction and for lash lift it’s curled against a rod of our size choosing! 


+ what are the benefits of both? 

Both lash lift and brow lamination can give a lifted and awake appearance

+ how long does each treatment last?

Each treatment lasts 4-12 weeks depending on a variety of factors. Life style, rate of regrowth, length of hairs!


+ are the chemicals used in the treatment toxic?

Yes they are! It’s the same concept as a perm.


+ how can we figure out our best brow shape for our face?

I personally find that the brow were born with is the most flattering for our facial structure however it’s important that we have open communication to find what works best for you, the client!

+ to tint or not to tint?

Completely up to the client and esthetic they are looking for! There are different ways to tint the brows to achieve a filled in look or a more fluffy look!


+ how should we prep before the treatment?

You can’t get the lashes or brows wet or exposed to steam/sweat for 24 hours so shower before!


+ how do you maintain them?

Lashes and brows can be maintained at home by applying a hydrating oil like castor. This helps with the integrity of the lashes and brows. Also be sure to be gentle and not rub & scrub!


+ do you have to have long lashes & brows to do the treatment?

Not at all! I would recommend avoiding trimming brows prior to insure there aren’t any blunt edges for the lamination!


+ can you wear makeup after the treatment?

Yes absolutely, after 24 hours you can apply what you would like however I recommend lash lifts be avoided if someone is an avid mascara wearer as the application and removal can be harsh on the processed lashes!


+ is it pain free?

It should be!


+ pregnant safe?

There are differing opinions on if it is pregnancy safe. I always say consult with your doctor prior to make the best decision for yourself and your child!


+ sensitive skin safe?

Like any treatment there is always the opportunity for skin irritation or adverse reactions.


+ tips and tricks for growing longer lashes and brows?

Take good care of them at home!


+ i’ve heard mixed feelings over eyelash curlers - what are your thoughts? Are they safe for your lashes?

I think they are great if used appropriately. It’s best to avoid them after a lash lift.


+ do you prefer waxing, threading or tweezing?

Whatever is best for the client! I personally wax and tweeze in my services!


+ what other treatments do you offer?

I also offer non-toxic customized facials! 



You can find Geneva here:


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